In this section you will find all the details of the Terms and Conditions of our tours around Bolivia. It is advisable that you read each of the points before making a reservation, because when hiring a tour with us you are accepting these terms and conditions. If you have any questions you can contact us.


1) The considered price at the time of the request for services is subject to modifications, previous notice of the company, as a result of possible alterations in the services and/or costs services and/ or exchange rates of the services which are part of the tour or of the reservation services.

2) All amounts paid before final confirmation of the services are considered as a reservation. The final confirmation of the services and its price will be made only with the issuance of air tickets and/or the delivery of service vouchers by e-mail.

3) The final price established, according to subsection 2, is subject to readjustments only in cases of possible official increases in the transportation cost that affect the means of transport to be used.


  • Accommodation in hotels mentioned in itineraries or similar, of equal or greater category. The occupying rooms, will be according to the chosen fare, with private or shared bathroom, if necessary.
  • Meal plan as indicated in each of the mentioned travel programs.
  • Transfers to and from airport, terminals and hotels when indicated in the travel program.

The number of days of accommodation, taking into consideration that the check in time (overnight) starts at 12  and ends at 10 am  or 12 am the next day or day of departure, regardless of the time of arrival and/or departure using the whole day or fractions thereof.


The duration of the tour will be indicated in each case, taking as the first day the departure and the last day including the departure from the destination, regardless of the departure or arrival time on the first or last day.


1) Extras, beverages, laundry, tips, boarding fees, service taxes like IVA and other current and/or future taxes, etc., nor any service that is not specifically indicated.

2) Stays, meals and/or additional expenses or damages caused by cancellations, delays in the departures or arrivals in means of transport, or for unforeseen reasons outside our company.

3) Food on the road, except those that were specifically included in the programs.

4) Expenses and interest rates in credit transactions or for transactions made from abroad.


For all trips within the country, the valid legislation in each case will be applied. It is the responsibility of our company to inform the passenger in adequate time, about the requirements demanded by the customs and sanitary immigration authorities of our country. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the personal documentation required by the mentioned authorities.


1) The withdrawal of credit operations will not be reimbursed for the amounts paid for reports, administrative, sealed and interest expenses.

2) In the case of withdrawal that affects services contracted by our company, the reimbursement of the same will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the contracted companies render their services. In all cases of refunds, our company will be able to retain the price of expenses incurred, including the commission of 10% of the contracted services


1) The right conferred to the client by this tourist service contract may be assigned or transferred to other persons up to 30 days before the date of departure, provided that the requirements of the transport service, hotel or service provider will be not contradicted.

2) In the event that passengers are of different ages (less than 5 to 10 years) and/or (over 10 years old and above), it will be adjusted to the price according to the rates.

3) In all cases of cession or transfer, the company may receive a surcharge of 10% of the agreed amount.


1) Responsibility for differences and/or deficiencies in the modalities for the provision of tourist services and/or for damages that may be caused during the trip is exclusively borne by the service provider (carriers, airlines, restaurants, hotels and others services involved in the organization of the trip). However, the responsibility of our company will be determined by the current legislation, as the case may be.

2) The company is not responsible for events occurring by incidental event and/or force majeure and/or meteorological conditions and/or events of nature occurring before or during the tour; that obstruct, delay or in any way obstruct the total or partial execution of the services committed by our company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of Bolivia.

3) The company is not responsible for lost, missing and/or robberies happened during the trip.  The personal belongings are the exclusive responsibility of the passengers.


1) The company reserves the right to totally or partially modify the daily order and/or services of the tour, before or during its implementation due to events that occur for unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure and/or meteorological conditions and/or other stern facts of nature occurring before or during the trip; that prevent, delay or in any way obstruct the total or partial execution of the services committed by our company

2) Unless expressly stated otherwise, the stipulated hotels may be exchanged for others of equal or greater category which must be located no more than 5 km from the one originally established, or within the same urban center. About these variations, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation.

3) If the journey has to be reduced or extended beyond the fixed times, due to force majeure not attributable to the operator, oversupply of transport companies or hotels, the corresponding expenses shall be borne by the direct providers of the service for whose reason was generated the alteration in the trip.

4) Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification or interruption of services requested by passengers for personal reasons, shall have no right to any claim or refund.

5) If for reasons of force majeure the company has to suspend and/or modify the services already started, the passenger will only be entitled to equivalent reimbursement for not used services


  • Signature of the program to which you apply and document of general conditions of service, the last one is the contract for tourist services, these documents must be scanned, signed and sent to the following email: Please write this Subject: Reservation
  • If the date of travel exceeds 30 days, you must deposit the 35% of the total amount, upon signing the contract (otherwise the total amount will be paid)

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